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TES Affiliate Conference Lisbon|Cascais 28 February - 2 March 2020


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There are many rumors about doing Blackhat advertising in Social Media and most of them are connected to the Social Media accounts. Is account buying legal? Renting accounts or buying farmed accounts? How to avoid getting scammed and losing your money? What is the best method to work with these accounts? Where do I find reliable brokers? What can I do myself, what should I outsource? Can I use these costs for tax deduction? All these topics will be discussed during this presentation.

Presented by: Daniel Schiemann, CEO, Online Marketing Kings SRL

How to buy Social Media Accounts



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Big Bucks Revenue is the premier affiliate program, specializing in adult and mainstream offers. We are not middle men, every offer in BBR is owned by us! If you are not promoting BBR, you are not getting the most from your traffic.

We are a team of industry veterans. We have a proven track record of building and running affiliate programs and online processing companies. This combination is what gives us the edge over others. We know how to convert your traffic and generate the highest EPC possible. The bottom line is, we know how to make your traffic convert.

George Tes AC - Big Bucks Revenue is the premier affiliate... | Facebook



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In this presentation, you will be able to see how is the TrafficManager Affiliate Platform working, know all its features, learn how to use it for your business niche, share your opinion about the features that we have and ask all your related questions about the product.

If you have already or intend to start your own Ad Network, Affiliate Network, if you are a Media Buyer or you need to start an Affiliate Program to sell your own products, this is a must-see panel for you, it doesn't matter if you work in the Adult or Mainstream industry!

Presented by: Simovici Florin, CEO, Traffic Manager LTD

TrafficManager Affiliate Tracking Platform



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A workshop dedicated to women working in online businesses so that they can discuss "their business(es)".


- Michelle Marriott, Adult Industry Representative, BabeStation
- Maria Boroghina, C.O.O, Best Studios

Women in Online Businesses


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Do you want to monetize your adult traffic and EARN CRAZY? Then you are more than welcome to participate in BongaCash presentation!
We will show how simple it's to create your own affiliate account, what should be done to start earning PROFIT, discuss our top-notch promo tools (including White Label!) and other useful topics.
BongaCash waits for you, it's a must go!

Presented by:

- Denny BongaCash, Affiliate manager, BongaCash
- Den BongaCash, Affiliate Manager, BongaCash

Huge Earnings Tutorial with BongaCash