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Google kauft On2 Technologies


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Diese Firma kenne ich noch aus ihren Anfangsstadien. Es ist beeindruckend was die Zeit bringen kann. On2 sind übrigens die Schöpfer von Flix.

Der Auszug aus dem Newsletter
Dear On2 Flix customers,

You may have heard today (Google to Acquire On2 Technologies) that On2 Technologies, makers of Flix Standard, Pro, Exporter, Live, Engine and Directshow SDK, has entered an agreement to be acquired by Google. The news is true, and we're thrilled to become part of the Google family.

There are a number of details to work out as the transaction proceeds, but I wanted to take a minute to answer some immediate questions about what it means for our Flix products and customers.

Q: Who do I deal with for Flix technical and sales support?
A: You'll still deal with On2 as you always have. We will keep you closely informed of any changes (for example, new email addresses) as they occur.

Q: Why is Google acquiring On2?
A: Google has indicated to us that they are continually looking to improve video quality and delivery on the web, and that our video technologies will allow them to do even more with their products and initiatives. They have indicated that they are interested in all parts of our video technology. With Google Video, Google Talk and YouTube, among others, they have a substantial interest in developing tools and technology that will better support more high quality video on the Internet. Google has indicated that they believe that our team and technology will help Google make higher quality video available online.

Q: What will happen to Flix?
A: Google is acquiring all of On2 and therefore all On2 products. It is too early to discuss specific product plans until the deal closes, however, all existing agreements will remain in effect under their existing terms.

Q: What, if anything, will happen to my license?
A: All agreements you have with On2 remain in effect under their existing terms. We expect that Google would honor its obligations under existing contracts.

If you have additional questions please write to me. I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.


Frank Galligan, Vice President of Engineering


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Hmmmm .... lassen wir uns mal überraschen, was die Zukunft bringt und was Google draus macht.

Mr. Banana


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Bin ich auch mal gespannt.....das waren jedenfalls die ersten die in der Lage waren omplette lange Flash Filmchen für normale Surfer bereitszustellen. Kann ich mich auch noch sehr gut daran erinnern und vor allem wie erstaunt ich war.

Hatte von denen sonen Converter damals, Name kenne ich nicht mehr und der hat mehr als nur gute Arbeit verrichtet.....wara uch der einzigste seine rart der so top funktioniert hat zu der Zeit.


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Ob da jemand eine Streaminglösung für sein Skype braucht um alte Technologien rauszuhauen? ;)


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