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German Gay Traffic? Make money with Türkischer Boys :)


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I'm the affiliate manager for Turkish Twink site IstanBoys.com and I am posting this message in the German section of these forums because IstanBoys.com has always been and still is VERY populair in Germany. As far as I'm aware we have none or very few German affiliates, but nevertheless most sign-ups to IstanBoys.com are from German customers. For me this is reason enough to start searching for webmasters who have German gay traffic. There is a huge market waiting for us in Germany and together we can make lots of money ;)

Our affiliate program is managed by CCBill and we pay out 50% of all your sales and ALL rebills. If you refer other webmasters you will earn 10% of all their sales and rebills.

Our tour is available in multiple languages and one of them is German so if you wish to do so you can send your traffic directly to the German tour (let me know if you need help with linking codes). There are currently no banners with German texts available, but I will have these made upon request. We did recently create a series of G-rated banners for those who need them. We have hosted galleries and we're currently working on hosted movie galleries and other promo tools. If you have any special requests, just hollar me :)

Furthermore, we use CCBill's regional pricing option to maximize your and our revenue. We also cascade credit card transactions that are declined by CCBill to Epoch, to get the most out of your traffic. Your commision from Epoch sales is paid out by CCBill as well, together with your CCBill commission.

Unfortunately I don't speak German fluently, but if necessary then I think I could manage to have a conversation in German. Ich spreche nur ein bisschen Deutsch :)

I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys and working with you!

You can contact me through this form or ICQ 125-896-799

Dank für deine Zeit!


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geiles pp

danke für die vorstellung. wir sind aufjedenfall mit dabei ;)
höchstens - die stimmung bei unseren im gayblogs wird zu bombig:D
my english is horrible ;)

viel erfolg!


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Es gibt schwule Türken????

Wenn man sich die Prolls hier so in ihren 3er BMW ansieht, würde man nie hören das einer ein Rosettenhengst ist.


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Was willst machen,
die Geschlechter werden getrennt gehalten,
Ziegen hat nicht jeder,
die Schwester muss Jungfrau bleiben,
die Auswahl ist knapp.