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Cheapest backup servers new offers in Europe! Cheapest prices and best packages!


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Cheapbackupserver.com new offers in Europe! cheapbackupservers.com prices and best packages offers! Order now and get 30% discount!
Cheapbackupservers.com guarantees :)

• Best prices
• Real online chat help
• Full root access
• Free setup
• Fully managed support
• Data safety
No hidden charges


• Company has customers from 140 countries.
• Company are hosting provider since 2001.
• We offer to rent a server with a separate operating system and the desired output.
• You can change your server capacity on demand, without having to perform any Reinstalling.
• We offer our customers both standard and non-standard plans.

Looking for a backup server? VPS server? cheapbackupservers.com beats the Competition!

SSD VPS 4 cell:
• 1 CORE X3470 - Europe
• 1 CORE X3470 @ 2.93 GHz
• 2048 MB (1536+512VSwap) RAM
• 40 GB HDD
• 100Mbps Bandwidth!
• Price: 18 €/mo
• Link:

SSD VPS 8 cell:
• 2 CORE X3470 – Europe
• 2 CORE X3470 @ 2.93GHz
• 4096 MB (3072+1024VSwap) RAM
• 100 GB HDD
• 100Mbps Bandwidth!
• Price 37 €/mo
• Link:

Best offer: SSD VPS 12 cells;)
• 3 CORE X3470 - Europe
• 3 CORE X3470 @ 2.93GHz
• 6144 MB (4608+1536VSwap) RAM
• 210GB HDD
• 100Mbps Bandwidth!
• Price 51 €/mo
• Link:

Operating Systems we support for every VPS:
CentOS 32 arba 64bit
Debian 32 arba 64bit
SuSE 32 arba 64bit
Ubuntu 32 arba 64bit
Scientific 32 arba 64bit


Q: Do you have own data center?

Yes, we have own data center in Lithuania, Europe.

More info:

Q: Where I can test your ping and speed?


Q: What payment methods do you accept?

All mojor payment methods: Dicrect credit card processing, Paypal, MoneyBookers, Perfect money, WebMoney, Western Union, Cashu, Payza, Bank transfers, direct bank payments form United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Austia, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

More information:

Q: What is your server setup time?

Instant VPS server activation. It can delay for 2 - 10 minutes after payment due payment processors.

Q: What server management I will get?

Reinstall, Start, Stop, Restart, Flush IP tables, full rDNS

Greetings from the Cheapbackupservers.com Team! :cool:

[email protected]
skype: balticservers
Tel: +370 700 05030